Photoshoot Details
Here I have some basic information on my photoshoots that happen at cons and what to expect.
*Photoshoot bookings will start 30 days prior to any con that I'll be attending.
Please wait for the announcement as I will not take any requests before then.
  • Photoshoot sessions last 30-45 minutes.
  • Photoshoots are $40 per session person, each additional model is an extra $20.
  • Your preferred Photoshoot location should be at or somewhat near the convention area on the map provided in each post (unless you're willing to pay for the cab to an exotic location).
  • Individuals will receive 7-10 photos, with each additional person 3-4 extra to the overall number including group shots. All cosplayers in the group should be from the same series.
  • You will be emailed the photos once they are complete (wait can be up to three weeks or more depending on the workload). You will be sent a link containing both regular sized (900 pixels long end) and large size photos (2000 pixels) in zip folder.
    Read here for more info on Resolution.
  • For a premium price after the shoot, you can choose to order a 4K resolution set of the shoot, which includes a minimized watermark like the 2K. The premium 4K price is an additional flat $10 per shoot. ie Two people in a shoot asking for a 4K set, would be $40. If 4K is ordered after shoot, just the difference will be charged.
  • What's the difference?  Scroll down to take a look. It's a good option if you're looking to print the photos (not for re-sale), you then have a much higher-quality image to work with at the printers. 
  • If you're looking to pay ahead of time, payment can be made through Paypal to my email address, mike(at), otherwise you can pay me at the shoot which I prefer. If you are inquiring about purchasing a previous photoshoot, please be sure to include your name and a link to the photoshoot so I know exactly which set. Please do not send me any money until I confirm a date/time/convention with you.
  • If you are looking to make copies of your photo to sell online or at conventions, please ask me about prices and permissions first. I'm open to negotiationing a fair contract/deal that benefits both of us.

Thank you! : )

Additionally, here are some etiquette notes:

  • Cosplayers in groups should be from the same series.
  • If you're running late, just shoot me a text to let me know. 
  • 5-10 minutes I'm ok with, but if you're half hour late, most of that time will be unfortunately taken out of the shooting time as I need to keep my schedule in order.
  • If you feel the need to cancel, contact me first we'll see if we can work something out, please do not cancel 5 minutes before the shoot.
  • When you receive your photos, PLEASE DO NOT crop the photos to change orientation, make heavy modifications, remove watermark, or add cartoony effects.
  • You may, however, crop the photo so it works as an avatar image, or for a banner showcasing your costumes.
  • You may make *minor* additional changes to the photos with the intent of enhancing the photo. You may feel that a certain image looks a bit too dark or too bright sometimes, but understand this is the way I edited the photo, your monitor may not always reflect the photo properly.
  • No matter how much someone works on an image, someone else can always take the image and improve even more upon it.
  • IF you do make any modification, please run it by me first to OK-it as I've had many quality-issues in the past, we both want only good-quality photos of YOUR cosplay to be showcased!
  • Whe posting the images, try and include credit in the description, and make mention of any small edits you may have made.
  • If you're up all night before the photoshoot and can't get your costume done in time and decide to wear something else, no sweat! Just let me know of the change and that's it : )

Note: By purchasing these photos the model is granted only the right to use the photos for their own personal use. Images may not be resold to third parties. The photographs may not be edited without consent from the photographer. Photographs may be printed for personal use only and non-commercial use; Prints may not be mass-produced and/or sold for profit without the photographer's consent. When posting photographs online, credit must be granted to the photographer, and if possible, linked back to his site. If any minor changes are made, that must be stated in the description. The photographer retains all other rights to the photographs, unless otherwise stated.

 Look how sharp the eyes are!

Read here for more info on Resolution.